Aetna members are offered confidential telephone and web-based genetic counseling services as a component of their health benefit plan which include coverage for genetic testing. These services help members better understand their health risks and genetic testing options. The services are offered through Informed DNA, a national genetic counseling company staffed with independent board-certified genetic counselors. Services are available in both English and Spanish, with interpreter services for additional language needs.

For more information or to schedule an appointment for genetic counseling, members can call Informed DNA at 1-800-975-4819.

All discussions between members and genetic counselors are private and will not be shared with the member’s employer. The member’s employer will not receive test results.

If you are a member of the Foreign Service Benefit Plan, the Plan covers genetic counseling including telephonic genetic counseling as referenced above. Please refer to your Plan Brochure for additional information regarding coverage for genetic testing and genetic counseling.

Aetna Institutes ™ Gene Based, Cellular and Other Innovative Therapy (GCIT™) Designated Centers

Aetna has developed a GCIT designated network to manage extremely high-cost gene therapy services with member plan design to drive preferential utilization to this high performing specialty network, similar to IOE transplant.

Our GCIT designated providers help patients who have been diagnosed with certain genetic conditions that may be treated with the use of innovative FDA-approved GCIT products. These GCIT designated providers must be approved by the GCIT product manufacturer and meet cost-effective criteria.

View the list of providers.