AbleTo is a web-based video conferencing personalized 8-week treatment support program designed to address the unique emotional and behavioral health needs of individuals learning to live with conditions like heart disease, type 2 diabetes, chronic pain or life events such as losing a loved one or having a baby. Members work with the same therapist and coach each week to set reasonable goals toward healthier lifestyle changes.

There are several ways we identify members who may benefit from the AbleTo support such as:

  • Your nurses or clinicians may refer you to AbleTo as they work directly with you and can refer you if it is determined that you can benefit from AbleTo support.
  • If identified, an Engagement Specialist from AbleTo will contact you to introduce the treatment option.
  • If you feel you would benefit from this program, would like more information, or would like to enroll in this program please call 1-866-287-1802 or visit AbleTo’s website at
myStrength Program

FSBP partners with myStrength to help our members access mental health support confidentially. myStrength is a unique online approach to putting mental wellness tools into the hands of FSBP members who need them. The program makes it easier for those facing some of the most common challenges – depression, anxiety, and substance abuse – to access real, evidence-based therapies, anywhere, anytime.

All covered members ages 13 and older can sign up individually using the access code FSBP. New myStrength members first complete a brief wellness assessment and then are provided with modules specifically designed to help them deal with depression, anxiety, and substance abuse disorders.

The myStrength program is completely confidential. Sign up today to get the help you need. Enter access code FSBP. For full benefit details for this program, please see the FSBP Brochure, Section 5(h), Wellness and other special features, myStrength – on-line mental health support program.