Accessing your Aetna member website for Aetna Medicare Advantage



You will need to register on the Aetna member website using your Medicare Advantage ID number (i.e. 10XXXXXXXX).


For Enrollees who are already registered for the Aetna member website, you will continue to use the same user name and password. Once you log in, you will be asked to select the plan you wish to access; Foreign Service Benefit Plan (FSBP) or Medicare Advantage.

  • To view your FSBP – Aetna Medicare Advantage plan, select View your Medicare Plan’.
  • To view FSBP, select ‘View your plan offered through an employer, union or a trust‘.

Member website

For Enrollees who are not already registered for the  Aetna member website, please register and create a username and password.

Note: If you were previously enrolled in FSBP you will be able to view your claims data for 24 months using your FSBP username and password.

It’s easy to opt in (with Aetna®)

Call 1-866-241-0262 (TTY: 711) Monday–Friday, 8 AM–8 PM ET or select the Opt-in link below and click Register now.

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